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A vital part of our company's history to be a part of something so important to so many people's hearts.



The mission was simple. Raise as much money as we can for the global crisis that was happening in Ukraine. As a company, our goal was not to make a voice for business but to amplify the one they already have to drive sales however, we think sometimes it's more important to use that same voice for causes like this one. 

Yellow Flowers


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Ukraine had just started their defence against Russia and things were getting bad. People were dying and their beautiful country was getting destroyed. It's not in our nature to sit back. Like most people around the world, they had a fire in their belly that just wanted to help. It wasn't right and like so many other people, we wanted to help.


We solely wanted to raise as much money as we could for Ukraine but we decided to not ask directly for donations. We thought an alternative, creative way was a more effective solution so we teamed up with Whitley Bay Brewery, a leading brewery in the northeast to develop a beer that all the profits went directly to helping the crisis in Ukraine. We designed the full campaign and also designed the beer bottles. Using a range of influencers we pushed the beer bottle far and wide. The bottles got put into leading restaurants & and bars around the area alongside their highly popular webshop. MDM marketing received recognition in the news and The Chronicle for our efforts.

We credit @geordiescran for her contribution to this campaign.

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"We started MDM to give businesses a voice in the competitive world of owning one. However, sometimes we think it’s best to use that same voice for causes like this one. Thank you to everyone who has liked, shared and even bought a bottle of our beer."



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