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Launching the movement for the eco-friendly clothing giants while maintaining their core values and disciplines.

go chilla


Go-Chilla came to us as an un-sprouted seed. They came to us in the very first chapter of their story. The mission was to grow, and grow fast with the right audience so that when they launch they have a loyal fan base who not only understands, but believes in the company's core values.


We grew the social channels from less than 100 followers to where it is today.


Diving deep is what we do. We got an in-depth evaluation of not only the company's values and beliefs but their whole personality. We understood the reason for the brand is to provide high-quality adventure clothing to people who really are passionate about making a change to the planet. This knowledge was key in our success. 


Having our mission so perfectly interpreted, the vision came as if it was second nature. We know social media inside out. And furthermore, we know how to reach out to the people we need to. We set out a marketing strategy that included heartfelt content which touched the people we needed it to alongside a series of paid advertisements on Instagram & Facebook to get the word out in a quicker way. 

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"At Gochilla, we’re pioneering new ways to help you discover and explore our beautiful planet, while also protecting it for future generations. Sustainability and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do from sourcing natural and renewable materials to recycling plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills"



Increase in followers 

Over 20m 


Over 2k

Assets created for content


Countries reached

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